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Arm, Ryan Kaufman with your Xtra sports update. Charles. Barkley was with us in, the first hour people take analytic down The Dan Patrick show has been chronicling the, things Charles Barkley hates for as long as we've. Been on the air Gets Live on television, statistics commentators. Help even some fans, senatorial tell me that I suck Machos Download the Dan Patrick show app to catch up on any moment you best thank you for calling in Charles and thank you for allowing us to have you part of our program the last ten years Promo Doc Judge Moore hall of Famer dodger fans getting. Manny Machado should think what big picture Machado I think they should Fetal one player in the. Middle of the lineup Skillset that he has gives their offense illegitimacy that JD martinez I don't think they're gonna make another move to help bullpen the. Biggest guests the best interviews Kershaw, dodgers pitcher seven time all star three times Cy Young winner who tells you you're not, pitching well Broadcasting from. The Mercedes man that's a.

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