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We wake up and everywhere we turn. Something else is being canceled. And there's overboard reaction on all types of issues in our country, and, uh, it seems we're kind of, you know. Upside down in our society these days Interesting here that former President Barack Obama talking about how he discussed the dangers of the cancel culture with his daughters Listen, they'll acknowledge that sometimes among their peer group or in college campuses. You know, you'll see folks going overboard. But they have a pretty good sense of we don't expect everybody to be perfect. We don't expect everybody to be politically correct all the time, but we are going to call out Institutions or individuals. If they, um are being cruel if they are You know, discriminate against people. We do want to raise awareness. You know, I think that what President Obama is saying there is. Yeah, we're not gonna be mean to people. I mean, that's that's kind of how we are as a society anyway, Before all this new wave of craziness has hit us. But yeah, he He thinks it's going overboard in somewhat and it's good. He's you know, teaching his kids that look, don't remember react to the smallest little things out there. Jimmy Nelson joins us Now He's been with us before Florida organization called the County Citizens, Depending freedom. We had him on before, when they were and basically separating teachers in the vaccination. Side here, non vaccinated over here. The mask mandate is to hear. But Jimmy, welcome back, and I'm glad to have you. Um I'll tell you, buddy, Uh, society sure does seem to be kind of upside down on so many issues. Now what stands out to you? The most here. Well, I just I'm kind of stunned every day by The depth of the infiltration of what's going on in our education system. It seems to me at the moment to be one of the most critical issues that we are facing. And, uh We faced it again last evening and here in Polk County. We are Polk County School board met. To talk about lifting the mask mandate, which they they did actually lift the mandate. The problem is, they did not remove it as a matter of policy, because the the new superintendent wants to be able to implemented immediately again, if need be. And who knows what that means. But The whole socialist Marxist agenda. Uh, is really what I see as the as the primary. Concerned that we've got in our in our country right now and especially in our education system. Yeah. What they're teaching these days, and a lot of governors have said no, We're not teaching this, uh, critical race theory anymore, but it is being pushed. And it seems that even folks like Martin Luther King or being pushed aside because of folks like little knots. Exa created the same blood shoes seem to be making the cut and is worth talking about, Um You know, Everywhere you turn. It's like, come on, really, just over the top reaction from people wanting to cancel everything that's going on and what they're putting in its place to teach kids and what makes it a bigger statement. And what's more important when you look at it, Your common sense tells you Wow, This is wrong. Exactly. Yeah, and we've, uh we've just discovered exactly what you're talking about again here in Polk County. Our our district back in February, put out a communication to all school. Um, including young elementary schools. Um This whole LGBT icons. List that evidently in October is when black LGBT icons are celebrated. In our school district. You there. We did We lose him. Okay, Well, we'll get Jimmy back. But yeah, the it seems to be everywhere we turn. And, uh, as he was talking about the LGBT in the trans movement with the sports, and, uh, you know, once again, common sense, taken a back seat. Allowing trans to compete against women. Another one of the reactions as far as the cancel culture, and what we should you know is becoming a priority that, you know, it just seems backwards for what we're all doing, but Jimmy Nelson, Thank you. County citizens Defending.

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