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Rosa died in a shooting while responding to a fire at a retirement home investigators say a resident set the fire deliberately expecting to shoot at first responders in spokane heiser tells our news partner l y having not only the fire to contend with but active shooter is something that has not been part of our training at this point fire departments around the country have begun training to treat gunshot victims in mass casualty situations but this kind of medical assistance has never overlap with actual fire response training heiser says that may soon change corwin hake komo news seattle fire department says it finds itself cooperating more and more with police as both agencies face a range of calls they've never had to deal with in the path for seattle firefighter a day could consist of twenty to thirty calls ranging from medical emergencies and fires and homes are these and encampments into different wall volume is so high that they they need to be prepared to get on the next run in order to finish this run they need to be safe they need to get other unharmed any need need take care of the patient the level that we've come to expect firefighters say the threats and dangers have multiplied they've got their head on swivel looking around that's komo's jennifer sullivan and she was talking there with assistant chief brian hastings now in a policy change teams have six or more firefighters will now respond to emergency calls to areas near any homeless camps airbnb is positioning itself to hire people away from its competitors by opening new office space in downtown seattle two years ago airbnb i opened in seattle with an office in westlake tower now it has two floors at the eighth and.

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