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But the way he kills him again with the presumptuousness of these characters twofaced has gone on them in their standing on the scaffolding and he's like hey harvey remember your character trait about flipping a coin whenever you do something he has to remind him to do it i remember your psychological trick oh yes that wasn't even in the scripted in leg and legs it's like tummy lease not doing it again keeps on get it it's just val kilmer reminding isn't so tell me already going to have a long speech about your father time a had so twofaced flips this coin n thank god batman thought ahead because in his back back pocket he's got us stack of silver dollar coins that he just throws adam woolf to be fair i know from that wonderful shot what he puts other solar batsur val kilmer's asshole looks like and he's got back pockets at that big yet it's just bums of that's all that's back there so it's i don't know he magicians these coins outta nowhere at throws them and you know to face is trying to catch the one that is any falls to his death that is a direct bat murder yellow he kills a sheet adam and that's the end of the movie they fucking run towards the cameron banos started singing terrific this movie was real fucking tedious it's really tedious and i don't know i mean it's proof that kids are stupid is what is happening here because i hadn't seen this movie since the early or the late 90s i probably unseen this movie since a habit on tape araya of told you because we're stupid that left were there other but this is what i'm saying like i haven't seen him since then and i've been going around for years we in like now i like batman forever i had this conversation with chris when the blue raise came out nothing no it's totally find batman forever still good worry better than that batman and robin and like i said earlier i said jim carrey was the best part of this movie will that's kind of the trick that those movies play you is the fourth one is.

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