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He came home one day and said, you know who Don Adams is from get smart and a golf course and he goes I asked him to give me advice for you since you want to be an actor so badly and this is when I'm probably about ten or eleven years old and off and he he said that Don said to him. He said Wally tell him to forget about it. It's it's maybe 10% talent and 90% off, you know, and that's a that's a good. Adams impression man. Get smart when you believe so. So I just you know, I was frustrated but I had to ReDiscover myself. I had to adapt and and started taking my performing talents in a classroom. Whenever the history thing. I I would ask the teacher. Can I can I make our history studies now on Ancient Egypt into like a news report and I did way before Saturday Night Live was doing their news report things like that. I do a news report from Pharaoh's Den, you know or yeah from different time periods, and she was like thrilled and and get the laughs I needed and the education I remember doing that a fifth grade and sixth grade. I'd actually written actually fourth grade. I wrote a horror play with wolf and Dracula and Frankenstein in it, and it was acted out for class. And so I you know, I had the drive I had the desire starting in about seventh grade. I had a dog. Teacher educator actually put me in on stage and some variety shows and then you know big production of the Year good it was Junior High that I started getting on stage and wage in ninth grade. I had a an acting teacher drama coach really believe in me and put me in the lead in production of Light Spirit was doing a lot of class work and seen work going into high school did a lot of Productions in and then I started whenever possible even earlier on getting on sets. I remember the the fa the guy from Zimbalist jr. Show was shooting an episode right near where I lived in 1971 and I went and recognized an actor the guests that week was Monty Python come from a show. He's still working out and I was a big fan of his show the second hundred years and I recognized I called him on it and he was really pleased that this month. 11 year old kid knew who he was and he got called off the set and I had just graduated fourth grade and I had my report card with me, okay? I think that was maybe fifth grade. Anyway, another actor. They're asked to see my report card and I showed it to him and he said hey kid, I like the took the a in English. That's good. You need that for acting be in history. That's okay. What's this G in math? Right? How're you going to know if your agents cheating you and I write write off and I had told them I wanted to be an actor and so I was getting encouragement. I remember in high school walking home instead of taking the bus home because I had heard Mel Brooks was shooting his next movie in the neighborhood in Santa Monica. Yeah. So walking up the Promenade I started to see men and women in Victorian evening wear and I was like, oh it must be around here and I saw a a gentleman about your size but his his mustache was was flapping and he was in his office. Sido Victorian tuxedo I said Excuse. Excuse me, sir. Your your mustache is coming off and it goes. Oh is it? Oh, thank you. And you look down having it says who are you? I'm an actor and it goes out. Can you tell me what have you been?.

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