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I i thanks to dan shaughnessy who joined us that in the nine o'clock hour either jared thoughts in a 1800flowerscom twitter feed i'm as geeked is gutierez nick is at nick for dell and you can tweet the show at is he in spain nick with all this talk about taking statues down uh is it okay to talk about derek jeter wanting to potentially take them at marlins statue in the in the centerfield seats or what have you because i personally like this that derive at gets artistic either gives you need and i think for as long as this stadium is a round it's going to get better and better or cooler and cooler or more significant and more significant but if you tear down now it's just going to be some clown at the statute that was there for a few years i want to know why he dislikes that thanks so much i mean let's be honest if you're not if you're just a baseball here at the just seems like crazy light show for kids for add kids are ordeal rory adults or jeffrey loria he because it clearly doesn't care that much about baseball so yeah i don't know i like this dechy icon wants to stay i like what it represents well the decatur for dinner is he kept far other had a bigger things on his mind be goods is he just that baby a day early at a little girl make he's at daddy who i never thought i'd see the day he's married settled down with a kid i don't know what that's going to become in fact i don't know if that's the derek jeter i want owning my baseball team we're going to have to rethink the sale altogether i i.

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