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At the top of our number three also next hour baltimore ravens safety eric weddel but right now we're joined by two time superbowl champion he played twelve seasons in the nfl all with the pittsburgh steelers he is an nfl network analyst you can follow him on twitter ike swag and you you can see bike tonight on nfl network's nfl total access endgame following thakin's in seahawks man is everywhere we are joined by taylor i it's good to have you back i carrow road buried wherever you show of year uh mike it's great to have you on the show again it's always good to have you on the show i always like talking to you last hour we talked a lot about the buffalo bills was curious to get your thoughts on this i go back last week what was your reaction when you first heard that were going to bench tara taylor for nathan peterman yeah look i didn't understand their well just looking fact you know no i think every quarterback club have two maybe three bad games throughout the season for the most part are uh you know he's very fishy the man on only have well last time i checked yet ten times down through and associates i think he added that that what the touchdown yesterday and no it essentially saw now i think he got eleven times vouch knowing sumptuous so i think pretty if ju so i think the defense have been a problem for the buffalo bills so when they look at it i'm looking at tara like they scapegoat so then i get it thinking about his contract you look at his contract you got the injury close so if you get into the clause you know the team don't have to pay on some of the best thing the team can do is just sit or uk say it's tower while came the fall and you could say if you looking for a super bowl quarterback you might good different issue but just start peterman overpower by fierce long drive to and pittsburgh i thought someone was kind of the fish you would that and we all saw that the lapd now la charges game exactly what happened loan so i'm looking at the whole situation like this don't leave a make no sense.

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