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Ever met with my friend, George Bush, one of nature's noblemen so Bs news correspondent Steve Futterman is in Houston tonight. The body will lie in repose at Saint Martin's episcopal church throughout the night. Residents of Houston will be able to walk past the flag draped casket and pay their respects tomorrow. One more memorial service, then George Herbert Walker. Bush will be laid to rest at his presidential library in college station. Texas CBS news special report. I'm Tom Foty. What's called fifty one on KNX? Normally at this time. We have our football insiders report. And actually we will have it today a conversation with Rams hall of Famer Jackie Slater who had a chance to meet the former president he spoke with our Vicki more. This is a national day of. Of morning for the former president, George H W Bush, and so many people have been sharing their memories of forty one. And Jackie I know you met him at one point tell us about that. Yeah. It was it was a unique opportunity. I eighty three seasons of the NFL has what is called the Mackey John Mackie awards. The players actually vote on pop. Every position in that particular year. I was honored by my peers. In the National Football League to be voted the office of the year. And one of the Bank said we went to to be on it. DC awards banquet there. And one of the activities had scheduled was to go to the White House President we actually wanted to White House to actually stood out on the steps. And then watched all the secret service converge on the area. Suddenly the president walked out. And I remember staying on his dad imposing would many years. So proud of them. Of course. We took the picture with the president will win the pitcher came out. My son Matthew the patriots was about four years old. He was standing down near Anthony Munoz son who was about five years older than him. And he was giving it the biggest goop. Did you did you could possibly take where we got the issue? We held it in memory and smiled about it. A lot of years but a couple of years ago when the patriots played in Houston. After the and the president was there is wheelchair after the coin toss. My son actually went over and shook his hand. I'm sure you didn't remember that. He was a kid. You know, he did. But it was another memory for us to see him actually go over and shake his hand and being mature and a captain of the patriots and getting after those guys in the Super Bowl. We we will always share some members of him. He was a great leader. We had much respect for great recollection there from the Rams hall of Famer. And remember you can hear an extended version of the KNX insiders on radio dot com and KNX ten seventy dot com freeway check next things.

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