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Understand Tony's family and friends suffered a great loss in the rest of the loan will not remedy they're grief. But we sincerely hope it will lead to closure. Our thoughts and prayers continued extend to all. Chief David Carter says their investigation of Mindy Taylor. Stafford shows her bus drifted into the angled parking lanes where thirty nine year old Anthony DS was safely riding his bike helmet on headlights on the front headlights on the back at every he was doing everything, right? He was hit when she drifted into his lane and was drug about one hundred feet or so tons of video of this as well that will not be released to the public because it's all part of the investigation. She could face up to twenty years in prison if found guilty so now we're up to date on that. And yeah, mourning the loss of maybe this could lead to some kind of closure for the family. It does not bring him back. Does not ease the pain. But it does allow them to move on. Yes. I hope it really does. I mean, unfortunately, I don't think there's any doubt that she is responsible for this happening. It wasn't the result of a tragic unfortunate accident. I mean, it it. She was impaired. Somehow they did find a lot of narcotics in her. Well. Or drugs in her purse. There's no conclusive report this been released as far as the toxicology report that I'm aware of correct. At least not released to the public. Chief Carter says there is no indication that she was on illegal drugs. Okay. That's all they said so far. Okay. Yeah. But there's no doubt. She was negligent here. Oh, that's obvious. Yeah. It's obvious. Even the people on the bus tried to start it wasn't. It wasn't a case of she had to swerve to miss another car, which took her into his lane. Now, it's it was it was just it was her deal. Listen to wild idea to shuttle people around the state of Texas in tubes. Just got a big boost this week from the federal government's speaking at the annual south by southwest festival. US secretary of transportation announced the creation of technology council. The ideas to clear the legal robots for projects like virgins hyperloop one, which what create a system of tubes across the state filled with little cars to transport passengers also important to note, that's obviously not. So we're trying to get some of the hyperloop system up and running that thinking certification is vital. That is that is the technology council's Ryan Kelly. Do you think about the Wright? Brothers plane commercialization was. Decades, not years. We want to have passenger system up and running twenty twenty eight he says it's unclear when Texas passengers might be able to board those trains inside the tubes. They're shooting for the first route to be ready and twenty Twenty-eight a basically you get into this little car kind of like, remember the Bank the Bank tubes? Absolutely. That kind of thing you'd get some tube and some kind of car and Bom shoot you straight up to Dallas in twenty minutes. That's pretty cool. Just suck you to Dallas. This will never happen. Go on this will never happen. Go ridiculous. It'll never happen. Well, rock is hard. You know, how long it takes a tunnel. Well, they're saying how long did it take a dig it dig a tunnel guy? Come on. Yeah. I mean, they're saying it could potentially twenty twenty Twenty-eight we can't even solve the crisis on the border. How are we going to get a hyperloop? We can't even solve property tax relief. We can't solve how we fund public education. Or here's my biggest issues that we have in the state. And now, we're gonna talk about hyperloop. I know I know. We can't fix roads here in town. It would be a massive project. They say yes, potentially done by twenty twenty eight if approved, but here's here's here's what I want to understand. I think it's the idea of it's pretty cool. The idea of Honey, hey, do you wanna eat? Do you want to go to camp easies in Dallas tonight and have pizza? We can be there in fifteen minutes or less. That's kind of a cool thought. There are a lot of things that are cool. And I'm all for at times things have it because it's cool, and it just gets people excited, and it leads to things, but what really is the need for this to what is the actual need to be in Austin to Dallas in fifteen minutes. What what is what is not happening now that can happen? As a result of again a bunch of seven thirty sevens. That would typically fly from Austin to Dallas that have been ground, and it could potentially it would hurt that industry. There's no doubt about it. It would hurt the airline industry. Okay. Which I guess would be would be fine. What's wrong with a little competition? Now, I understand.

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