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Meditation practices but as we talk about in the book we've done a case study of a very very long term 'practitioner in our lab pu his consented to be identified in his name is media rinpoche a in he's a tibetan lama who has done many years of intensive retreat practice in his brain ages in the ninety nine percent tile of a large group of individuals against which we compared it uh using these objective parameters when you say ninety nine percent of all you made he he's if if you had a hundred people in the room of his age his would be correct on just brain thus convene a reverse mortgage slows it i think it's important to make that point yes than we have cereal mri scans over a 14year period with him and his brain is definitely changing an aging just like your brain or my brain is but the what is showing is that his brain is ageing more slowly so what we just said is that there is it in the vendee diagram of you know what meditation is good for and purpose for and all the other things about the mind and human life that concern us there is imperfect overlap between those two circles but we should say that there is significant overlap so what meditation is good for and what meditation was designed for an we've used words like awakening and deconstructing the self and they're they're other terms like enlightenment and insight these are at least as conceived advertised antidotes to human suffering at its most basic or lease as as it was conceived to be its most basic in the traditional buddhism and it's also i'll add one more piece here is also an antidote to or at least connected to.

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