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To be nice and give themselves a few more extra minutes to get where they're going so they can make those sales and everyone gets there safely yeah annals space between you and the car in front of you never heard either right yeah you know it's funny everyone tells me when I tell mama native error zone and they say wow there's none of those around you we've never met a native and then I think to myself what you guys are all from somewhere else where it rains and snows why do we drive so poorly on the space right it's it doesn't make any sense I think we should put a shout out to to southern parts of southern Arizona is specially when you get in the southeastern Arizona they're gonna see some pretty significant snow there too yeah absolutely so travel if you have four wheel drives we real use it if you have chains bring them with you in case you need them but really even if you're traveling for the holidays if you can stay kind of in central Arizona to traverse the state an awful I forty I would suggest that but all in all you know the troopers will be out there were we will will have significant numbers of them out there for enforcement but really what we're looking for is compliance if everyone gets along and everyone obeys the speed limit we can take care of the collisions that happened or or we can deal with those crazy drivers but with this is not about the enforcement for us this is really just about compliance and and people being prepared and giving themselves a little extra time in cemex your patience hello rescuing going on as well by the way what goes into making the decision to close down a highway and who makes that call they do like they they call you at home to go curl Milstead we shut down I. forty I mean house ago you know you know that calm has not common I'm glad because I don't want to be the guy to make the call on that it's really a collaborative effort between the years our department of transportation and the ears and apart public safety if there is a significant collisions where it's a hazard we can close it but we will use the eight dot people to help us because they have significant assets especially in northern Arizona during the storms but also a dot if there's just so much snow that they can't keep the roads clear they'll shut things down to avoid those collisions and wait till they have a a safe way to traverse that piece of highway all right colonel Frank Milstead there the head of DPS thank all your troopers for us we really appreciate them being out there it's six eighteen now K. T. A. R. time for a tech check with HIM commando it's three days from Black Friday but maybe you're wondering is it all just height is black credit really the best day to get the tech deals it's your Tuesday.

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