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Is going on if we had many of the shark man puig's misery exactly recently done it with him because there's actual chance you die there like a fifty fifty chance you don't get your back you wanted to be more of a dirty miami event i actually dot i used to see him all the time i like read on on bird road and i haven't seen them in years i wonder what happened in seem all the time in the grove and then the grove died and then he went into hiding you see him one time did many the shark men we used to be my cousin in law he's missing finger right yeah yeah i remember when that happened don't get by spiders let's let's go back in the way back file here i believe we were talking about at the time baddest men in miami kimba slice was involved speaking of dirty miami yeah yeah fistfights in the streets against giant people pariah that's thirty my we have some things like that around here is the baddest and manny the shark man point was was nominated bad news websites not working anymore but he's still with us that much i know sixty four years old i think he might have a new tv gig i'm i'm researching your sixty four years old could be it's reasonable that that dude might be slowing down a bit actually i saw ten years ago in the group that guy's got plenty left in the dang only one is going to slow him down death not even.

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