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We make it possible for you to contact us and communicate with us. And if you want to talk with me about anything I'm talking about on the program today. Typically, I take it from the run down the rundown is King on six o'clock talk. The run down is that source from which I extract story material. To discuss with you day in and day out. It holds full sway Monday through Thursday. On Friday, however, you get to kick that run down to the curb. And talk about whatever you want. In the meantime, 809 23938 five's the number you dial to start the ball rolling. Interesting news of that. We I guess you could say predicted, but it wasn't much of a prediction. Really. It's just the way the legal system is set up to operate, and it is operating in just that way with regard to the Derrick Shove in murder trial verdict. You know that he was found guilty. Two different murder counts and one man slaughter count. The fact the matter is there is going to be an appeal for a new trial in that case. Just as we expected, there would be because they're a couple of things going on with regard to that case that are bothering legal professionals, some of whom are now speaking out in the public space. One was the lack of a call for a change of venue. Where that particular trial was concerned. There were some who did not believe Derek Jobbing could get a fair trial in Minneapolis, Minnesota, even though the judge did not decide to move it. And then there was the pretrial publicity. That may have created a kind of prejudicial environment in which the jurors were exposed to information they probably shouldn't have been 809 239385. 809 23 w D. D give us a call. Let us know what you think. But the former Minneapolis police officer Derek Jarman, convicted of killing George Floyd. Has filed an appeal for a new trial. Fox News report Sharpens Attorney Eric Nelson filed the request Tuesday and quote alleges that the former police officers ability to have a fair trial was affected. Most Assuredly, in his opinion by pretrial publicity, also claims that the court abused its discretion. By refusing to grant request. For a change of venue outside the Minneapolis area. Then there's this other business of an individual who was on the jury. Who Was apparently In attendance, at least at one event. Where George Floyd's relatives spoke. Do you think that may have had a prejudicial impact on the individual? Well, whether it did or not, they didn't declare it on the form of that jurors or potential jurors are to fill out And let folks know whether or not they should or should not be considered for the jury, so that again becomes another reason for why a new trial has been requested. Anybody seemed to think that based on at least these situations and or circumstances That a new trial may not only be granted, but the verdict. Vacated 809 239385 809 to 3. Double U D T K Alan Dershowitz, professor emeritus. Harvard Law chimed in this one juror actually attended. That event that had George Floyd Family members speaking He didn't say that on the jury question form that he was given. Uh well that well, that guilty verdict be vacated. It should be. Without a doubt. This was not a jury. This was an advocate. And if it had not been an anonymous jury, probably people would have disclosed the fact that this is a juror who had a point of view before he heard a single bit of evidence. And when you combine that with the threats to the jurors, what do you think this jerk came out now and publicized himself? Because he voted to convict If he had dared to vote for a quick he'd never have disclosed himself because he knows he'd be attack. That's not the way the jury system should operate in America. Ellen Dershowitz law professor emeritus, Harvard Law 809 239385 809 to 3. Double U D T K six o'clock talk with Darryl would on the air talking about these and other stories. Anybody think that that verdict is now in jeopardy as a result of these developments? Anybody think that Mr Chavez ought to get a new trial? In the meantime, Speaking of trials versus no trials, rioters In Portland, Oregon, who have been arrested and who are waiting to find out what their next fate would be inside the criminal justice system are apparently going to be released. They're going to be released with nary a charge. Anybody surprised by that development, even as the FBI goes after people who are involved in the January 6th riot at the Capitol building. Trying to charge these folks and jail them, if not find them. These folks in Portland, Oregon, responsible for fighting with the police, destroying public and private property, burning down buildings and just General anarchy are going toe. I'm gonna fly the coop, As the saying goes. Dan Springer, Fox News, D a much MIT said that he would not charge people even for felony writing the White House pressure the U. S attorney in Orient to start hauling riders into federal court over several months. U. S Attorney Billy Williams did just that filing charges against 97 people. But since then Williams and the acting U. S attorney under President Biden have dismissed or deferred 58 of those cases. Seven people have pled guilty, but only one is going to go to prison. And there are 32 cases pending. Federal public defender says Justice is being served. I think the federal government went overboard in some of the ways that they address these protests, and what we're seeing now is that many of the cases that were brought because of the federal government's overreach are now being dismissed. Now all of the 31 deferred cases, which means no record, no jail time and maybe some community service 19 or felonies, including get this 16 assaults of federal officers. The former head of homeland security who went to Portland to check on the courthouse is shocked that so many cases were being dropped. It's offensive to all the men and women who risk their lives in Portland for 9120 days or even longer, in some cases. Being attacked night after night after night, and Chad Wolf told me that Billy Williams, the U. S attorney under President Trump in Oregon, was hesitant to file those federal charges, saying that it's basically Oregon doing what Oregon in Portland does. And.

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