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On the west side fifty five players invited to training camp is hockey season gets going some entries a note for the hawks defenseman Calvin de Haan ruled out for the start of training camp expected to miss two to three weeks is still recovering from a right from right shoulder surgery that happen when we were talking I don't think so it's not like we're doing anything excruciating we're just sitting in a chair talking or Michael he was in great shape I remember is wearing a shirt that looked like was painted on right it was like it was a gift for his team slim fit for sure is most the hockey guys either Gachet showing off when. that's correct yes yeah. no no we we just want to the standard is that we we we. fashion account whatever yeah if you go and slim fit I am going to the right there is a chest X. ray it's mailed west cut what do you guys right husky cut I grew up wearing the husky pants. where's the husky section for my husky son. I didn't have that problem in no nobody's got a shoulder issue so they're saying how season right sure shoulder surgery so he's recovering. Kirby doc this is a you know this is what's the catch your eye a catcher you're the first round pick using concussion protocol now yeah you did that happen in that game that prospect yeah yeah Monday night traverse city so well I keep coming. you can't festival Sunday by the way Steve Cochran dean Richard to be out there all morning the S. scrimmages eleven at the United center white Sox begin their final road trip of the season in Seattle to take on the mariners dealing Kobe takes the mound for the south siders you say Kikuchi for Seattle he's on the mound for the mariners pregame eight thirty five here on WGN first page after nine with at a DJ Cup set to begin a ten game ten day homestand their final week and a half at Wrigley for at least the regular season cubs tie with the brewers for the second wild card there for back in the cardinals in the central will host another division opponent this afternoon against the pirates Jon Lester roughed up in his last outing eight runs over five and a third I'll take the hill this afternoon premier pass rushers will be on display Sunday in Denver Khalil Mack the bears taking on von Miller and the Broncos bear set to a face former defense coordinator Vic Fangio tight end Trey burden remains a game time decision he's dealing with a groin injury kick off three twenty five Sunday in Denver and north west are getting set for their home opener they host U. N. L. V. tomorrow afternoon day event with a call at two thirty pregame coverage begins at two here on WGN on the home of the Blackhawks northwestern Wildcats and white Sox baseball Kevin Powell WGN sports your money traffic and weather next on WGN. if you own.

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