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Nineteen months eighteen minutes later he was dead stocks is closing Tuesday mix to the Dow gained nearly seventy four points nasdaq was down three the S. and P. five hundred was off about one point. America is listening to fox news. styleite lounge presents. I wrote this next song from Cheyenne should never have told her how progressives collision insurance covers injured dogs and cats she said of Baker let her put as much as she did so good high well I could this next song is called cat person you was run. the cat. because the insurance company coverage not available New Hampshire North Carolina. continues to re open a key shipping channel in the port of Brunswick Georgia following Sunday's capsizing of a large container vessels Coast Guard commander norm Waite says many factors involved in the salvage effort will take time to navigate I would say we're going to measure this in weeks possibly months as opposed to hours and days the Coast Guard is weighing options to bring the golden ray upright after it slipped to one side Sunday in the shipping channel right now fuel on board the ship itself and cars that carries are concerned they were fuel dance and things of that nature so we're going to get some product release it's hoped that by Thursday some of the shipping channel can be used a cause for the accident is being sought.

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