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From a trip to see a play that was here in D.C. tomorrow service the third funeral for the team in 5 days. Among the top stories we're following this hour sheriff's deputies in Frederick county, Maryland, shot and killed an armed suspect overnight who's accused of stabbing his parents. You can't put it any other way, must win for the U.S. men's national soccer team. They're taking on Iran less than an hour from now. They have to win to move on to the knockout stage of the World Cup. Keep it here for more on these stories in the minutes ahead. One 18 traffic and weather on the 8s, let's go to read a Kessler in the WTO traffic center. But we still have to work on the beltway right now, both directions near Georgetown pike left lane blocked both ways, not seeing much of a delay on the outer loop right now. It is the inner loop that is slow out of Tyson's near route 7 trying to make your way toward Georgetown pike on Georgetown pike, the work near springville road has traffic alternating past the scene, so that's causing a delay. Northbound 28 crawling toward new Braddock road, the left lane gets by the work, and southbound 95, first delays passing Dale City, the broken down truck on the right side. The near Quantico, the work in the right lane. King street near beauregard street, it is still a mess in that area, expect to be under police direction for the crash. Northbound on the George Washington Parkway last seen near turkey run a single lane was getting by the emergency work state of the right if that is still there in the district northbound D.C. two 95 slows passing Pennsylvania avenue. We also had the problem on rock creek Parkway in your Virginia avenue that was work with a single lane getting by each way. In Maryland, not down branch, avenue near birch hill and earnshaw the crash reported off the road to the right. Westbound river road before Bradley boulevard the crash in the right lane. And the eastbound span of the bay bridge, right lane of two is blocked with the work the westbound span is running two way traffic. Indeed, it gets in a single hire can make or break everything indeed lets you schedule and conduct virtual interviews all from one place, start at indeed dot com slash credit. I'm Rita Kessler WTO P traffic. Now the forecast from chuck bell our weather is cloudy and cool for the rest of our Tuesday afternoon highs today up near 55°, no rain today or this evening, which is good news for your outdoor plans, but it will rain tomorrow. That rain is coming up from the south with a strong southerly breeze. Winds out of the south tomorrow could gust over 40 mph. That's the reason it'll

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