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Connectivity to phones PC's and broadband access gateways with peak speeds of six gigabits per second, six nice peak Snapchat is adding something called friendship profiles, which highlights interactions between you and your closest friends. There's also bit Mogi stories which are comic book like stories that will feature you and your friends bit mo-. Jeez. And you now have the ability to buy t shirts and mugs with you and your friends bit Mogi avatars on them, which I think is probably the most genius of all three of the. Yeah. The first two I was like, but that was like that many T shirt would buy. Oh, maybe you would. But you're not in the target demo. Are we are? Are you wearing that? You will not be able to. No. I mean, I don't think the things fit their target demographic. But maybe maybe let's talk a little more about autonomous car service keeps saying it's going to come soon. And guess what a source tells Bloomberg that Waymo is planning to launch a commercial driver. Les car service in early December under a new brand name way? More reportedly isn't planning a media event around the launch choosing instead to start small perhaps dozens or hundreds of authorized riders around the Phoenix suburbs. Covering about two hundred square miles way MOS early writer program already has four hundred volunteer families who have been testing where you move service for more than a year under nondisclosure agreements..

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