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Not even Brandon Brandon. Sorry accused that was skype. Yeah Yeah my well yelling at the nicotine even me much gray of what's up. Hey Eddie too risky. Kennedy's land there Ryan to Ricky. Ortiz is a type of fame in front of. And Yeah you can always learn the right hand Almost defied Steph will get like free. You can move around the ring good movements not want to risk fourteen. I'll be right there the whole night. Can he be ready in February. Yeah he could be ready February. But I'm worried about fucking promotion man three months. We'll fight of this magnitude. They you gotTa really get the ball rolling on this Is there any other way out there that can do water run for his money. Well I mean we're looking at it theory. That's why the super fight heater. You know. Quote Essential Boxer mover while the heavy hand so Dallas declare the perfect mattress. So He's the guy that can do it if anybody else can buy or teeth. I like insane over the younger. FAA's job then you do watch. Joyce wanted gas last time use The rest of the show. My Uh still smoking. Crack but Acropolis Council talent king. Floyd Mayweather. Don't do it Bro. Favorite player of all time. I don't WANNA get injured. Her be killed powerful pound at one hundred. Twenty six yeah. You're BOB'S LA trying to sign him up lineup with Loma he's one hundred and forty pounds killer man. JT CHICAGO JT. Is that fighting in style to do the always online every hand. No He What you got thirty six minutes to work with you always is on land? That at least wants to look twice and as far as having enough time For the fury funny I feel like yeah because the five Saturday basically it's foreign meant damn spines. Yeah that was basically. It's fine there. I WANNA see it. It was It was a nice by one. Alaska louder two zero zero damage. He he it was a chance chance that something was gonNA happen but like he is like you said like he basically play with Louise here by beating just it even the distance Hardwood Walgreen. Oh that's a good suggestion. Yeah that'd be a real the South Pole then land left on fury Like coach like coach. He could get ready. The reason I t's I don't think you could even Beatles you noted the codes Joey Marches Training Fema Lopez for the Komai. Fight Right now now. I unloaded not. I knew that But the reason I feel he could beat them because Louise was really like he really had to get up. But I don't take a the man I'm trying. That's the same thing. I'M SAN DO. A canal only casualties right now got to get them right now. You don't fucking Dan is no way is November. I'll say Delia should take them. There's really no time y'all dealer should take them to A Saudi Arabia fighting. We let me see we got Liam Talk to US whatever Liam Liam when we doing from UK all day Yeldan continuity questions. So it graveness. All right I was GONNA say. Do you think that while does approach to the fight was too risky or will he always land that right hand cancer with a question. You've been to a boxing. Did you have a Mr Clinton. Oh sit you got jokes. See Calling Lewis OTC punching bag man. The best say he's ever been in his lifetime. bessie Evelyn He. He won all six rounds. According to some people call them a punch it got one. He's not he's not the head movements. Boy Loyd Captain Range Box Wilde's whenever whenever wild will say all right. We'll while to be ready for the rematch. February twenty-second Allen's GonNa. Take him to practice throwing one punch. Okay if the promotion will not regret it and I don't think I don't think While we already came came out amid the announcement yet fighting on February twenty-second every time wilder has been questioned about it. He's he's avoided he doesn't want to answer it straight he's like hopefully cut it. How you gotTa Watch this stuff? I did with him in In in Alabama couple of weeks ago or a week ago. Whatever it was he definitely said the contracts are signed Rayfield and Kim a reporting contracts sign sewing when you're going back to Alabama Woah? You going back in January. I mean if if this happened in you know I'm going back. It's just it's just cold out there amount. Hope it warms up a little bit way. Honestly Alabama's will be coded Shit. I don't like the cold at all Alabama coal or New Jersey to see all know the difference Dan The reason I know is coding aband- because it caught me by surprise I got up and it was thirty degrees. I'M GONNA fuck no one on our negative November. You think you're going to be hot. I expect thirty. It was like fucking fifty sixties up. where I'm I'm living Bro? I go now is probably like forty seven right now. Now let me check but let me get a call in the meantime who we got Patrick Hirota talked to him for eight in the Rod so the same forty six over here. What's up Patrick it? Wilders fighting style too risky or will he always land that punching in good morning right back at you bring up this morning. Good one that one is Yet nah he's got that punch knock how you know he's got that Zukang okay. So He's definitely not risk as his game. Brandon is doing very good I will wild to be ready for the fury rematch. Yes one hundred percent one hundred percent. He didn't want all the rounds. Twelve around seven rounds didn't get too much damage but yeah he's he's hit it not nice and low so I think there shouldn't be a problem if no fury fight next. Who should he fight? What was that? If he doesn't five fury next. Who should he fight? Sorry procup Say That question again. Sorry if if he doesn't fight fury who should he fight. I think Andy Reid underneath will will win so oh I think he's GonNa go Andy Reid. I think they should do the. I think personally certain throw offender should do already the press conference inference for Fury Wilder. The week.

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