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I don't think he's a case of food that he didn't want to change. I think he is wanting to credit. Because like you guys are saying. He won a championship and for some reason. Everybody seen discredit his championship. Because of the team you joined. But when when i say is one. The bra went to Miami he joined to of the hall of fame and then got really which is four hall of fame was on the team but no everybody look. Don't look at it as a cheat code. But when kevin it's like oh well i guess because he went to go mysterious oil. He thought he did a chico. So he pete you remember this win. Lebron went there initially everybody. The people did look at it as a cheat code. He was getting crushed. And what how will help. Lebron ironically is that they lost the first year because then people saw when they won the second third year. Then people are like okay. It was the challenge. Had they won their first year. People might have been like looked at it almost like k. d. so i think that helped lebron. Interestingly enough are we got brandon. Marshall co host the first things first coming up in a minute but first be sure to catch live editions of the odd couple with chris. Broussard and rob parker weekdays at seven. Pm eastern four pm pacific on fox sports radio and the iheartradio app we have the company live from the fox sports radio studios our next guest you remember as an pro wide receiver but now he has made quite the name for himself as a personality a broadcaster he is the co host of first things. I i go at it with them every morning on fox. Moore's one mom and brandon. Marshall what i'd be great down your got ryan hall is with us. If for rob now look you have been and this one of the areas. I respect you so much in. You have really been outspoken about mental health challenges for athletes for yourself for other athletes in general and i noticed is in a quote unquote mental health issue. But still you want to get into the psyche of the team and all that. So what if you were called in like if you had a chance to say something to the phoenix suns tonight about tomorrow's game six. What would it be. It would literally be you know I would say let's look at. Let's look look down the bench. Forget the other team you see. Yon yawn. That's the example right. Can't get too high. You can't get too low. Look at devin booker devon booker you know had a terrible was it a game to and then he had that bounceback game three right like you have to really lock and not get too low like start pressing. You can't press so clearly say guys. Just be yourself and be okay with the outcome. Youngest talked about that months ago and people thought he's like oh my goodness this is counter culture to being act like we talked about him on our show but that is the perfect place to be. If i don't worry about that just go out there and do either professional athletes. I would literally highlight. Yawn is i would even highlight booker. You know he could have easily went to other wind. Started to press..

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