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We have the specter of tony perkins of the family research council and gary bauer formerly the family research council and a number of other characters of the religious right who are suddenly the fox's put in charge of the henhouse it's important for people to remember that there are a number of different entities in the executive and legislative branch that appoint representatives to this commission and many of these folks from the religious right have been appointed by not just the administration but by members of congress including the leaders of the majority in the house and the senate there are two more appointee's yet to be named by the leaders of the minority parties in the house and the senate but it is pretty remarkable than in an attempt to pander to the base base we have the specter of people who have been on the record as condemning basic human rights and rejecting the notion of religious pluralism keeping an eye on the behavior of countries other than our own when they can't be themselves in our own country the is i understand is the chair of the commission is going to remain the same so what's the potential for major different directions well i think that one of the.

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