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It's not in hock to kind of all the old powerbrokers in this stations you now Conservative country with his alcee dettori stone coastal here by the way searches on that point most nonetheless for a small population were in Ireland people and it takes time for the of change to turn. But I I believe that his training I don't buy into. Yes. The people of Ocean, but they didn't really Nina's at analysis, I think that's wrong. It's actually grossly underestimates the capacity of the Irish. Cleveland also adds that palpable palpable sense the politics in life changing on our right and for the better it's a good news story. What about the idea that people might have felt a bit more relaxed about voting for this shinned find because or fain with you leading it because. That huge spike in shine finds vote does kind of suggests dozen that your predecessor Gerry, Adams might have been a bit of drag on. Shine. Feigns Electoral Ambitions in the Republic. Well, it might be except for the fact, ns any year previous see we had a really hard day in the European local elections and M. I was the major at that stage as well. So I I don't think that that stands true and in fact, I would I would suggest that the contrary is actually the. If you look at Gerry Adams Stewardship neater Xinfang Xinfang, he was a transformationally from everything to entering politics indigo re contesting elections going from having one solitary old Jackie in the personally. To what we have collectively, it's now. That said, I would set the points that the conflict in the north, of course on what happens on the suffering on the hurts that was visited on across the community actions instigated by Russia's stationed and ministry by him, and also by the IRA invite Republicans of course that has been a matter of contention of hurts and something that people perhaps on one dirge will what is this old evaluation? Let me say this we're never going to have a single view are a single accounts of the conflict. Why it happens or how was happened or certainty who was rice or who was wrong I mean we come from a tradition where civil war almost a century ago in there's no meeting of minds on those nauseous. That's not going to happen now, but I do think that the peace process has now come of age. I think we now have a very solid democratic dispensation. Way Forward and I think should fain is is correct give him some credit for that happening on also the political, those tectonic plates that shifted in nineteen ninety s maybe kind of settling of all thoughts is only coming to to you know arresting point at this stage I accept that piece of the analysis. Guess I do understand that to a lot of Irish people especially young Irish people it will seem like ancient history not. Saying they don't know the history, but it will seem like a long time ago. It's it's very weird to think there were people walking around the voting born since the Good Friday accords. But nevertheless, do you feel as leader of Xinfeng? There is still that there's still some reputation management you need to do. There are unsavory associations that still follow the party around and there are figures from that generation still involved at some level the. The whole purpose of the peace process was to create a DEMOC- classic space for every. And the very fact that former I order a combo sense and volunteers are involved in the political process is actually a mark of the success of that process that was the whole purpose of the venture wasn't a..

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