Twelve Words, Twelve, Five Thousand Dollar Check discussed on The Semi-Social Life of a Black Introvert Podcast


Find a bag. Find the wealth. Discover the wealth within. I looked at this postcard in to me. This post hardest part of the bag. There's no money attached to it. There's no five thousand dollar check. Attached to this postcard has maybe twelve words on it. twelve were messaging in those twelve. Words are invaluable priceless. Those twelve words made such deposit palm my soul and my spirit. I feel enriched. I feel wealthy. I feel invaluable. Someone was thinking about me enough to send me a postcard from all from across the world in. That met me at the exact time at a time which i needed the bag if i can call it. The bag met me an. I deposit that bag this postcard right into my soul my spirit and i'm thankful y'all i'm not trying to beat anybody down i am trying to do is say the worst is a new. Did you get that. The worth is in you not in the bag. The power is in you not in this bag that you need to chase after or someone's trying to promise you you have the power you already have. The bag is within you. That's the that's the investment. That's the well now. It's time for you to secure it. Hold onto it a fight four and then teach it.

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