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Nationally africanamerican men pay thirty five percent higher money bail amounts than white men and hispanic man pay nineteen percent higher money bill amounts than white men nearly fifty organizations have signed on in support of the bill sponsored by ram paul and calmly harris the in double acp ldf said justice should never be determined by the color of one skin or the size of one's wallet and we strongly encouraged congress to enact this legislation which would be a significant step in realising our nation's promise of liberty and justice for all at a time when human decency is constantly challenged i am particularly thankful that senator rand paul and senator calmly harris have joined forces to do the right thing by disenfranchise folks who are impacted by the inequitable bail system daily we see you and we thank you now we just need the bill to get to the senate floor welcome to the third episode of on one with angela ride is my great privilege today to have someone on who i who i've seen as a brother even before we met in part because they were just on a mission in a journey to woken together with a lot of our listeners and then of course there are the trolls but on the day i wanna welcome jesse williams she's of pie cast thank you for joining us rubbing regulations thank you it's been going really well world know this was only the third one.

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