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Imagine a handsome young man casually strolling through the streets of buenos itis son unpleasant sprang evening most people have gone home the commuter traffic is quieting the city center is becoming a playground for the young and fabulous it's the magical moment of twilight when anything can happen she was a lovely perhaps the most beautiful girl i've ever seen chris skin pale her black hair hong long wavy down her back her eyes big dark and full of secrets after a long day at university i was on my way to meet some friends for a night out when i asked her artistry corner she smiled at me and i was lost i stated that it was a pleasant evening she agreed she wore some kind of oldfashioned long white dress i asked if she was going to a fancy dress party at a nightclub she simply shrugged are you going to tell me your name i asked she smiled and shook her head no well then i said i shall call you moon prints s my moon princess she smiled at me and gave a quick elegant curtsey grinned though i'm sure i looked ridiculous scibe bowed in return you're cold here take my jacket i took my jacket often wrapped around her narrow shoulders i class turf thin fingers in mine and lifted them up to my lips i'll keep you warm we strolled through the neighborhood i told her of my studies and she being history buff told me how win aside issues to be at the plaza i bought empanadas and hot chocolate from a street vendor we sat on the kurban beasted by the light of the moon the sudden winger my phone startled her and she's spilled your hot chocolate she dabbed at my jacket with a napkin while apologizing for the stain i silence my phone it was my friends probably wondering what had happened to me i slid by phone back into my pocket i talk to them tomorrow tonight was for my moon princess.

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