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To impress and it's landscaped acres provided a place to catch your breath. So many of these kings sought refuge at the back of her side at the back of the gardens in the tree and all Coming up. Guides from France help US plan a day trip to their side. Among the stories Dion seriously covered as a reporter in West Africa. One of them earned her a Pulitzer. It was about the women and girls who escaped being used A suicide bombers by Boko Haram. These women weren't vicious fighters as the media as the government had portrayed them, and friends from Greece and Bulgaria tell us about their special traditions for observing Orthodox Easter Saturday before Easter, we have a celebration of sent. Lazarus Day is very important for the girls from the opulence of her side to the changing scene in West Africa come along. It's traveled with Rick Steves. Live from NPR news in Washington I'm Amy held today. India opens up Covert 19 vaccine eligibility to all adults even though the shots themselves remain in short supply with just around 2% of the population fully immunized. India has yet again set another world record today with more than 400,000 new cases. And ongoing search that's overwhelming hospitals. The U. S is among the nations sending resource is to India, including vaccine supplies, Oxygen support and P p E. But the Biden administration says it no longer wants most travelers coming to the U. S from India. NPR's Windsor Johnson reports on the new travel restrictions starting on Tuesday. Non US citizens traveling from India will be barred from entering the United States. There are some exemptions, including for American citizens and lawful permanent residents. Those who fit the criteria for travel must test negative prior to leading India. Upon arriving in the U. S. Those who have not been vaccinated must quarantine and test negative again. The Biden administration has sent more than $100 million and humanitarian aid to India. The country's health care system is on the verge of collapse with severe shortages of hospital beds, oxygen and other medical supplies. Windsor Johnston NPR NEWS Washington Biden administration is extending a nationwide mask mandate on public transit systems and hubs. And as NPR's David Schaper reports, many airlines are applauding the move. The Transportation Security Administration is extending its face mask requirement across all U. S transportation networks, including planes, trains and Busses through September 13th. Rule had been set to expire. May 11th the T S a says that even though about half of all American adults now have at least one Corona virus vaccine shot masks remain an important tool in defeating this pandemic airlines and imposed their own mask mandates early in the pandemic, but they and their flight attendant had pushed for a federal mask rule. As some passengers refused to wear them and became disruptive that Trump administration ignored those calls. The Biden administration imposed the rule February 1st. David Schaper NPR news Israel is observing a day of mourning tomorrow after at least 45 people, including several Americans were killed in a stampede on Thursday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is calling it one of Israel's worst disasters. NPR's Daniel Estrin reports there were concerns about security ahead of the popular religious festival. What we're talking about here is a lot of political pressure on the government. And on Prime Minister Benjamin Antonio not to restrict this event. There was a decision taken that this event would take place unrestricted Lee no limits on numbers, and there are accusations that Netanyahu agreed to this because he needed to please ultra Orthodox Jewish political parties. He needs their support as he tries to form a new government. You're listening to NPR news. Florida's Department of Health is opening up Covert 19 vaccination eligibility from member station W. Lrn Veronica's are ago via reports. Some non state residents working in Florida can now get a shot. Many covert 19 vaccination sites in Florida are not reaching capacity. Make jackals with the Florida Division of Emergency Management, explained the relaxing of the state resident requirement at a nearly empty, federally supported site and in Miami Dade College campus. Jackals won't say that anyone qualifies. What I can say is, if you haven't I d. And if you can verbally meet the criteria, So if you can say yes to whatever the questions are, then you can get Vaccine. People will get asked if they're providing goods or services to the benefit of the state and a foreign passport works as I D for NPR news. I'm Veronica. Sarah go via in Miami. 6.8 magnitude earthquake shook buildings in Tokyo early today. There were no reports of major damage or injuries. The quake was centered off the coast of Miyagi Prefecture 10 years ago. That area was devastated by a massive earthquake and tsunami that left about 20,000 people dead. 20 horses are ready to race in today's Kentucky Derby as America's longest continuously held sporting event returns to tradition, the 147th running again happening on the first Saturday of May. After it was held without Spectators last September because of the pandemic, people will once again be watching at Churchill Downs at reduced capacity. I may be held in Washington and you're listening to NPR news. Support for NPR comes from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, a private corporation funded by the American People and the E. C. M. C Foundation, working to improve postsecondary educational outcomes for underserved students through evidence based innovation..

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