Twenty Seconds, Five Percent, Ninety Seconds discussed on Protrusive Dental Podcast


Everything have but you can hold me accountable for your your opponent. Because i've done the edge but then you've tried to end to re-engage other tech should ever be accountable via. I think that should be dante yourselves. And what comes june again back to communication. Tell me what you won't do it. I think it's good to be prescriptive with etching as well. Because what i tell my attention to do is i will say five percent heidelberg acid for twenty seconds per protocol. I used i hope. I'm not putting in the spot too much but is that the concentration. The time that you're doing or do you follow a different protocol as per manufacturer guidelines. It depends on the manufacturer. Goldline's the acetate that you've got yourself so the acetate or as saving instructions to some generally about twenty seconds audit of mine for twenty seconds but some of that takes ultimately spicy depends on the concentration of the edge liquid. That you've got yourself and obviously these timespans will never get stronger away cry times. I respect that massively. I'm glad you do that because there was a technician at chain of technicians. I was using some years ago. And the on these would come back. And they look like super-rich they look really and email saying which construction and using hallowing using four. Are you following my instructions. I didn't tell what my is. Because i write them. In every case. I said how long you doing an email back a photo of the edge of the we used it for about sixty to ninety seconds. I'm like you're wrenching..

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