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Dunno hero worshippers. What is this? Now. What is this becoming? Where's the conversation? Where's the dialogue where are the ideas, for God's sakes? So look, you know, I could just do a show in no, call us at all. I just do my own show. And that's the end of it. I could read for my own book sort of. Like a lobbying on my own thought. Now, what are they doing in congress when they don't want to take any votes? They stay up all night and talk whatever they appear nocco they play pinochle at night. Filibuster right filibuster. They filibuster by talking all night. I could just do a show by reading from my books. I could just start with my first political book and read to the last political book to the last sentence of the last political book, I have the same audience if not larger. And if I'm going to ask you to call and you're calling with the same stuff every day. I can't take your call. Look what I've given you look at the richness that I have given you in the opening of the show compared to the normal putrid fair out there. And you don't want to talk about I can't help you. I don't know what to do. So I'm going to continue to do what I do. And just you know, wrap is I do. But I'm asking you a lead a leading question. Here's a question if the Republicans lose seats in the house says they will. But it's a bloodbath. Let's say it's a bloodbath of loss not five not ten what they lose like eighty seats. Let's say a real crash aerob- who do you blame? Now, I throw the number eight five five four seven to eight two. But I do I mean if the Republicans lose like eighty seats who are you going to blame who will you blame? Who would you blame? Eight five five four hundred seven hundred eighty two. WABC Eric line.

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