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Waistband and allow his hands to kind of pull that receiver back into him and get him into his comfort zone, which is where he's really on top of guys that the Catchpole. Help out some offense of guys running back. David Montgomery from Iowa State. Yeah. He's a guy. No. Some folks have is the potential Rb one in this year's class. And it's it's not a great running back class, first and foremost, so there you're gonna get a lot more very -bility as far as who guys. Like, it's it's just like these draft boards. Right. Thirty two teams. Kind of choose your flavor Montgomery has phenomenal contact. So he's one of these guys that he might catch a swing pass out of the backfield and have somebody who's broken on the play from ten yards rolling star. And they're going to drop their pads on them and they're going to bounce right off because my Gummer is built like an NFL running back. He's really thick. But my questions with Montgomery stem from you know, his vision is the ball carrier. And then I just don't think he's overly explosive. So those two things concern me because as he's coming out of the mesh coin a lot of times. He's not picking up where the available cuts are developing for him. So it slows him down as he gains tries to gain ground into the line of scrimmage in the point of attack. And then once he gets in those situations where his feet are now dead. He doesn't have a lot of spring to jump cut laterally or make the shallow cut and explode up field. So I think that really tempers down at waters down a lot of his valuable skills because I don't feel particularly comfortable with him running between the tackles and reliably finding the holes at the the quickness that he will need to to cater for some of his athletic. Limitations. What about Daniel Jones a quarterback lot of buzz about him as first round pick? Maybe the New York Giants. What didn't you like about Jones? So jones. I think his absolute ceiling is not as low as the quarterbacks in front of him. I think. His ceiling is a player is probably somewhere in the Alex Smith to Ryan tannehill range, which is fun. It's the starting quarterback in the pros. And he has this this David cut cliff bloodline that people are going to point to win. He gets drafted and talk about how that's so great. But the Duke offense was not the same offense running some of his other pro quarterbacks that are on his resumes. It's just not the same offense. And Daniel Jones, I thought it was more of a bowl distributor than a passer and a playmaker. So he really shined in the short stuff. Everything within ten yards was typically on time. It was accurate. But if you force him to eat the bowl in the longer, you ask them to hold the football. The worst results got as a passer in all phases of the field. As far as you know, when I studied film the deep ball. Accuracy was not great. When his I read is taken away from. And he has to kind of work through his progressions. The accuracy Wayne's the balls no longer coming out on time. And then on top of that his work within the pocket dealing with pass rushers. I don't think he has a natural feel for navigating the pocket and sliding to avoid pass rushers seem to many reps where he kind of drifts into the pathway of pass rusher. And I think that can be a really really troubling quality to help get you over the hump and get past as a pros pro quarterback in the NFL level. What about last guy Draymond Jones from Ohio State? Yeah. Dream on was the player who considered coming out in last year's class..

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