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Traction management can haul all your all pros this season so hard of your local Honda dealer today today. Whatever game tonight all right? Let's see so first. Let's start with this Mitch. Trubisky story did you catch wind of this yesterday about what's going on on over at Halas Hall with the bear. Yes I did and I was so disturbed. Turn the television off. Because I didn't WanNa know more all right. This is Mitch explaining How he wants to keep the distractions out trying to get some of these? TV's in the building turned off because he had too many people talking on TV about US and What they think about us what we should do what we are and what we're not but they don't really know who we are or what we're capable of people or what we're going through what we're thinking it's just the outside viewers looking in and So Yeah Tunnel Vision earmuffs in just come to work every day and try to get better and get back to what we know. We're capable of doing boy. They'd still much their first of all. I hope he doesn't mean he's turning off the rich Eisen. Show at Halas Hall outreach. Less richeisenshow show does not mean more. Now Oh God you're people are viewing. This is like he can't stand the heat. They can't take it. I take it you think. He's really walking around with a remote control or did he say or do you. You think he really went to somebody has. Why are we watching these shows? All they're doing is criticizing US but they're also criticizing Mayfield and they're also so criticizing anybody that doesn't perform up to snuff or anybody that in year two Took such a big step forward near three. They're they're they're taking a big step back or anybody. I mean it's it's anybody that's doing that. Yeah and also load management I mean do you think lazy people everywhere are seeing Turner. Television sets sets off. 'cause I can't take this sort of load. Management Conversations WanNa know able retail sales. Did he turn the. TV's to black or did they put on like like cartoons or soap operas. Don't know good question. TV All off or is it just different programming. There are reports there are reports coming out of Chicago that that that is following up on. What the TV's are showing today? Grace all because I'll tell you this and I will say this free of charge and show. I will say this free of charge urged to all the young ladies and gentlemen out there who are going to perform well in your youth sports and collegiate sports to one day. Knock on whatever this is lucite. Would that you eventually become a professional athlete. Okay and I will. This is free of charge okay. I'm not charging for this advice. Never say what Trubisky just said because it tells all of us in the media that we are being hurt and that's all everybody wants okay. I don't feel I have much of an ego. All right. There is an iron rich. Anna is and I do like when Mike del Tufo plays the drop of what type of show this. This is here on the rich Eisen. Show you you're not even listening GonNa says this going on going on on that the rich Eisen show else looking for him. Yeah because again I do have a little bit of an ego but all of us all of us in the media world we we just WanNa know that you are hearing us because if you don't hear us them what are we doing here. I mean what are we. Don't want to be heard. It's all about distribution bution. We want the district you to do what you were saying that you hear us that means were a factor. Oh and eventually the the biggest thing we want to know we want to know. Are you distracted. Is this distraction. How you handling distraction? That's why the Super Bowl is the biggest mother load media event of all time. Because we WANNA WANNA know if you're if we're being distraction. And how are you handling the distraction and then the distraction does it actually matter on the Game Day and if we you find out that it does turn off all the television sets because we're going to go to town my two cents in my advice to so you don't say it Mitch Mitchell dumb because it's just GonNa add the follow up on what's on. TV's on what are they. What are they on Kenny? Any not handle it. Is this in the bears locker. Room a distraction. Oh thank you thank thank you thank you all right. Our daily Brown story here. Baker distractions speaking of Asa Baker. Mayfield said he wants to quote force-feed Odell early on in the game idea so he can make an impact and have the perfect book to have a shot at a play. Well it only took ten weeks to figure this again again again again. My third down lower third because in the television business. You put down at the bottom of scream what you're trying to say. So just in case there are people in Halas Hall or just turn the sound on. They could see it still on their televisions if they haven't turned TV's so it says it at the bottom. It's Cleveland well. We thought HE JACKSON was bad. Dude don't don't say that. Why don't say that it took you? How many weeks today Baker the starter? Now how many weeks to figure out. Hey we need to get del Tall. He's just saying that and again him walking away from the media the other day him showing up in front of the media like totally disheveled old and by the way and by the way the mustache that he shaved have have a quote. Oh you do okay. What else you got that too? Yes so everyone was pointing out Adam schefter specifically that he shaved three times on Sunday showed up with the beard. Yes played the game in the handlebars who mentioned and then had the just the plain stash afterward. Ray Will Tomas The original thought Baker said was to handle bars because I was undefeated before Sunday with the Handlebar Moustache. I shaved it off because I didn't deserve and they and he's doing and he and the rest of guest bunch of the guys are doing a movember mustache. Thank for Men's health men's health understood. They need to win in the worst worst worst way because now you know kitchens being asked did you speak to Baker Baker about walking away from the media. I don't talk to you guys about what I talk about with Baker so you did talk to him about the media because again all we want to know in the media are we being heard. Are we being respected. And if what we're saying or are apparent level of disrespect is a distraction. That's all so what's worse D- being distracted by the TV's or being distracted by facial hair TV's because if you admit that you're trying to shut off all the noise that means you're hearing the noise it means you can't handle the noise and thus are being distracted the the number one word Super Bowl Week is distraction. The media's looking for a distraction are we creating one and if not what can and be one are you hearing it. What is the issue? Will you win the season and legacy on the line on Super Sunday. Be Distracted Chris. Brockman news update brought to you by the Honda distraction which is in the form of the twenty twenty Honda pilot so yeah Oh man yeah okay. So he's saying we need to feed Odell and all that SORTA stuff areas week. They should be really against Buffalo yes. They're home like crap. Their bills are good. They're home this. Is the team team. That on paper was supposed to win this division and they have been nothing but a disappointment in its time. Okay Hey should be split screen now. I don't want to distract you. Thank you all right. Let's get more. We got lots. We are talking about. London Games and if They could have a team there. Eight games a schedule On your show the grind this week you talk to Jags Zone. Ershad shod cons about this very thing. The idea of maybe having a regular team in London is tough for me to wrap my arms arms in mind around. I'm wondering what about you personally. In my humble opinion I don't.

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