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So you can lose the sixth District and still win by almost 20 points across the state. She lost the sixth District and now she's entering McConnell. Right. I mean, this is not some congressional candidates whose, you know, first time up and can talk to me. He knows that are win, win these races over and over again in a deep constituency across the state. Seven's race. Yeah. What does Do you fear an unemployed Matt Bevin? Not filing. I think it's gonna be a close race. You fear an unemployed Matt Bevin being out there eventually. Challenger? No, No, I think that what is that relationship like it's pretty good. Actually, I mean, to be honest with you. Those who don't remember Matt Bevin Prime married Mitch McConnell 6 2040 cycle loss turned around and ended up Luke winning a primary for governor that you guys actively try to help defeat him. And he wins the governorship. Yeah. I mean, we didn't actively do anything. I can tell you the funny thing about McConnell. This is probably more candor than your tonight and I should talk about what? He gets over things a lot easier than I do on the operative level. I mean the day and that was most elected officials that have been around a while. You have to. Yeah, I mean, the day after the election, it was sort of water under the bridge. And then once Bevin was elected, he was He saw it as a Republican, you know, wider than that McConnell was first elected a place from the Republican Party basically didn't exist in Kentucky, and he has let's move further to his right. He has taken it up is that fair to say that the Kentucky Republican Party's probably more conservative than Mitch McConnell? I don't know that that is. That is correct. I don't know that that is correct. I think There were elements of that and 14 that presented itself. I think, given the partnership that they've had between President Trump and Mitch McConnell and things like conservative judges and tax reform, the like That is largely non existent. I think I think that party is as healed isn't it ever has been at least a long as I've been around my thanks to Josh..

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