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Desk Day. Lewis has our sports headlines. Two games into the season and the Mariners or two games back at the Astros in the West. After a seven to Los Taiwan. Walker was gone in the fourth, giving up five runs, chased after three and 1/3 giving up those five runs in seven. It's a walk in one strikeouts Kyle Lewis with a home run. Big deal in the NFL, the seacocks picking up all pro safety Jamal Adam from the New York Jets in a package that includes two first round draft picks. She had also sitting safety Bradley McDougald. Took a while. But the WNBA season is under way. The storm with the wind of a New York 87 to 71 Briana Stewart back after missing the sea and lasted with an Achilles injury, 18 points, a boards and four steals to pace four players in double figures. One know from the embassy, The New York Knicks have hired Tom Thibodeau as the new head coach. Sports at 10. 40 past the hour. I'm Dave Lewis. Come on. Is Ranger Station Ranger speaking. Hi. I'd like to report a bear hug. Ah, ok. Well, before he left my campsite, I was putting out my fire and nowhere. Smokey Bear showed up and hugged me. So you drowned the fire. You stirred it. Drowned it again and felt that it was cold. Oh, yeah, He likes it. When people correctly put out their campfires. He's pretty big on wildfire prevention. He's just letting you know you did good with a hug. His ardor. I just got a bear hug from Smokey Bear Status update. All right, I'm gonna let you go now. I've got a lot of Ranger stuff to do..

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