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As you look at that kind of thing you're thinking maybe this is kennedy's morales and he just pulling the crap out of the ball of the ground but it's not him no it's really not make the ball in the air maybe it's the it's the fly ball in that might be hurting them a little bit but it is kinda surprising you get so many you know babb doesn't include homer so when you get a bunch of your hits from homer's sometimes it's not a situation where it's like oh this must go up but i've always liked moose and been waiting on the breakout it finally came at age twenty eight because when you see power like this with a low contact oh my god i just realized my cal franko is mike new stocks wait till he's twenty manam draft drafted three more years of my cal franko oh mine god that really just hit me like they're the same because i just i love the contact in the power but putting it together seems to be difficult and finally happened for moose and i'm a believer i'm not sure there's a lot of batting average upside there but i also wouldn't be surprised by so it's like one of those where i'm not necessarily adding a dollar to plan for it with new stock is but i would certainly never be surprised if he went thirty to ninety i'd be like whoa you know obviously a huge bust bust out year but it would it's not something i'm kind of planning for got one more point on this part of the reason why is solo he hit a lot of infield fly balls allott popups you watch him play and i was looking at this way we're talking there his infield fly ball percentage was in the top eleven league last year if you compare to sixty three and a sixteen percent veal fly ball todd frazier was the worst in the league to twenty six and eighteen and a half jose ramos eighteen to sixty three.

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