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Twenty nine north Bennett was an overturned vehicle approaching the labeler street that's been operated includes Italy's eased up pretty nicely on twenty nine we still do have an overturned vehicle if you try to hop on the southbound side of the garden state parkway it's from the entrance ramp from route seventy eight in unions even a left wing shut down on that southbound entrance ramp and it looks like we might have a crash here coming in a week way park in northwest Spencer route twenty two was it out towards hillside seeing a lot of foot traffic up by Broad Street right now it's a caucus one jumper closure coming up Paterson plank road they've got the ramp to westbound route three currently blocked with downed utility pole if they're gonna crash in Belmar on thirty five north of the intersection of oak woodlands and watch out for closure in Cinnaminson on route one thirty south bound side of the highway shut down between Riverton road and church road where an accident brought down a traffic light pretty good shape leaving New Jersey at her house in Delaware crossings don't forget cashless tolling effect in the same rules apply on the garden state parkway New Jersey Turnpike and the Atlantic city expressway okay sixteens and no toll of collectors on the on duty this report sponsored by all state with Allstate agent you get a local expert help find the best coverage for you plus when you bundle home and auto you can save so call your local Allstate agent today are you in good hands traffic every fifteen minutes next reported seven forty eight under Jersey won a one point five New Jersey won a one point five your news traffic and weather first responders to the minute information from our award winning news team I'm Erik Scott topping our report this hour count on us to get you around with fast traffic Bob Williams New Jersey traffic north traffic stop count on us to keep you and your family safe with instant weather meteorologist Dan zero one point five your first responders for news traffic in what Exxon Mobil is detailing how it plans to reduce the methane gas in its operations the framework includes establishing a leak detection and repair program to find and fix gas leaks as soon as possible.

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