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It was an unbelievable weekend for the Steve. So let's get to the hoops and the blue it has been a great start to weekend. Whoops. These this season this weekend was this bad year. Getting worse your travel in two guys run into each other. A right there cash darn. Same game. It will stick with the Suns. Unfortunately, the Anthony Melton. He's going to fall here. Going baseline buddy gets the bowl. Since play here. Nice past eaten. Yeah. This sort of sums up the sons here very nicely. Nice from marina and. Brooke Lopez's he shoots threes. Now, his nickname splash mountain. That's why this too is a little off. Get outside the line man Lille. Short splash hill. Ben Simmons with the. Sort of ugly turnovers thrown into nobody. But it's Joel embiid's reaction to. Be watching that went on film later. Chris Paul is going to nudge reporter Dana Larsen about one thousand times on the shoulder here. Excuse me. I've got a routine year at the stanchion get. Get. Got to be right by excuse me. No this wrong spot check out behind. It's not just Chris Paul in this clip, the Andrea Georgia. Wow. JJ brand look at that routine. Youthful. Mavs Finney Smith going in for the dog wide open. Drop any thought it was gonna drop. Going out close. The knicks. Are accidents going to score on themselves here by teaming up for the defensive rebound, Kanter and von lay talk it out. It's all at but back run basket goals fans that didn't have much to cheer about against the Celtics. It was a very very bad showing reminder player. So when they got their first point midway through the first they went nuts. Love. Crazy. They went crazy. Well, you know, why you're bad because you're giving up shots like this. This is nuts. It was a fifty six point loss. So the Celtics are their lap around the burn pile. John goal is gonna check it at the end of the game on the weekend. High five and everybody on the way out including you'd space. Yeah. He sure did who's had either. Lebron loves the the moxie here from land students and trying to dunk it from ten feet away. Unbelievable. Try not to laugh when you line up for a free throw. It's a battle. And that's why Blake is ready for this one. It was just the first free throw. He was ready to roll. And finally, we go to the NBL down in Australia for a classic Joyner. Oh, yeah. We'll run that back. All. Lord side on that keeping an eye on the ball. And luckily, she took it in the forehead. I think. That's the problem. Then a lot lot worse should hope to the MB L bring weekend Lipsey. Well, we come back three joins us live from LA to get a set for LeBron awaits final game..

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