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Wait for sure. I benefited just because I don't have to go through what? My black room. I don't have to go through what my black brothers and sisters throws insist to go through which again he's using those terms Black brothers and sisters in a condescending way to say it, But this goes because I don't have to go through what my black brothers and sisters have had to go through. Number one, but number two scoops of number two here. Yeah, but just a moment on that again. Here. He is a guy who Should be having a slam dunk when it comes to black votes in this country. Carla Harris is running mate Harris administration. She came out today and said, We need black people to vote. This is how desperate the Democrats were getting resorting to black brothers and sisters from Joe Biden's about having Kamala Harris say black people need to vote for us. It used to be just an assumed thing. But that assumption Now here we are 60 years after the Civil Rights Act has been obvious that you've taken advantage of black voters to keep yourselves in power. Exactly. And Donald Trump is running on his his record, with the black communities running on his record with the Hispanic community and their higher wages and lower unemployment. And he is he's got that going for. Absolutely he does. But here's the best point. Joe Biden's making. Joe Biden says he feels you grow a pair Scranton They're used to guys to look down their noses. He did not grope in Scranton. He did not He group in Delaware. He did not grow up in Scranton. He was born there. Here we go, You know, grow a pair Scranton..

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