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Radio station it's thirty nine degrees at three o'clock good morning I'm a show quality a group of protesters are calling for the subway to be free with a demonstration inside a Grand Central yesterday afternoon everyone here would agree that the subway should be free because we all live here we all use it we all need capitalism Marxian conceptualization of the city during the height of rush hour at five o'clock dozens of people carried signs and chanted while circling the information booth and clock in the main concourse their messages range from anti police sentiment to demands that the subway be free and without restricted access several people intimated their mindset following a more Marxist way of thinking particularly about how cities should be laid out and what rights should be granted several people were hauled away from the scene by cops and it least one case a scuffle ensued when the person resisted after around twenty minutes of circling the clock and chanting the group exited the terminal on to Fifth Avenue with a police escort a city council task force is recommending several ways to help out financially struggling taxi medallion owners the task force issuing a series of suggestions but the bulk of the concern among drivers is their crippling debt as the market values of Italians have plummeted amongst competition from companies like uber and left whose drivers are required to have medallions transportation committee chair donis Rodriguez stopped short of calling on the city to fully fund that bail out but says something needs to be done we promising day they would buy amid the they will how this group the rights to the vehicle and drop out councilman Steve Levin of Brooklyn.

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