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Yeah just so often when you're proactive really high. You have a decrease in your follicle stimulating hormone and luke nineteen hormone known as going to atropine and when those decrease it can both decrease spermatogenesis and the semi efforts to vehicles. And the in the testes and then it because of f f h and then with lower. La chicken decreased testosterone production in the late excels so It can affect your fertility and then it can also affect something known as refractory period so If you have very high reluctant oftentimes your refractory period is longer. Oh man. I thought you're gonna say short. Yeah how can we increase our appeared by the way. Let's let's jordan don short in that time zone. Yeah how could you get your reluctant and a better range that too young. So there's a few ways to act proacting High levels of estrogen increase the p. Elgin or the collected gene which increases reluctant production so controlling your estrogen levels appropriately and in a healthy way also anything that is a dopamine agonists specifically d two receptor agonists at the to itary that will also help so people know of medications like romo christine or Caper golden that. You'd use in significant pathologic hypercholesterolemia usually adenomas on the to terry. But there's lots of other things that agonized that dopamine receptor were example p. five p. or appeared oxygen. Five pyro phosphate the form of vitamin d. Six that often give people to decrease nausea is at a supplement pharmaceutical. Yeah it's a. It's a vitamin supplements vitamin e. to will do similarly and will help lower the prophylactic and how you get it on quicker after you already got it on or got it in theoretic theoretically okay. What is this called again. I'm sorry i just really. Six sixty five. Is that type of vitamin b. Six yeah most. People take picking grams once or twice a day. Fifty take taking notes. Dock your great great information for us is. I think i heard this. But even if like during pregnancy ammann's lacked will skyrocket for some reason because hers is i. I might have that loss. But if that's the case why the heck does that happen and maybe that would explain why. My ship was through the roof as well. Yeah so the hassle physiology of The drop in testosterone postpartum drop into that many men have is not super well-known. But we know that when Two partners are together or physically touching often that changes their levels of oxytocin and follicle stimulating hormone. Whether that's through proactive. Or not It's not well known that. I know of but You know obviously in the postpartum period and even during pregnancy The hormones at the women have will change how much and how she wants to interact with partner. What's the connection between sex addiction. You mentioned the pro lacked levels. Being higher does pro lacked in like some like does it make you horny or something like that or it's more of the opposite so After orgasm proactively something really all right so you were mentioning hype reluctant but you're also mentioning again more trend. I don't know if you more that you're you're going to mention before i stopped you on prophylactic yeah As far as young men A lot of times. they have significantly high insulin. Sometimes they have low testosterone but very seldom. Do they have pathologically low testosterone. True hypo judaism. You know occasionally we'll find the case and usually we can find a cause for it It seems like proacting micro. Adenomas are fairly common as a cause of secondary hypo. Does them but again. Those are still relatively rare in younger males Have annoyed marijuana is pretty causes and causes elevated. Reluctant crimes are pretty common cause Opiates are pretty common cause as well but we love crater. Yeah and i don't mean to put all of those Different substances are on the same level so in general the you know. Opiates or abusing. Opiates is going to be a significant lee. More severe 'cause of going on but We are in the middle of an opioid crisis. Stratum is actually a new opioid receptor agonists. So it stimulates opioid receptors. Just to touch Obviously not near as strong as a birlik logic. Opiates that brings me to question for you. So if you do if you are someone that uses to create them. Because i don't like the cool thing that i liked about it is that i don't feel a need for it if i did. That would be problematic for me but if someone does like like the way makes them feel as far as like maybe when they're getting worked on or whatever how can someone use it in a in a way that it doesn't cause negative effects because as you as you were going over my labs and i was like ok. Does this elevated proactive is gonna cause me in negative things. Do i need to really watch out for it. I wanna make sure that there isn't going to be any potential long term problems or problems in the short term like. I don't feel any problems as far as performance in the gym performance sexually performance. In general i feel okay but i just wanna make sure what is what would be the best safest way to use it knowing what it can do with crate him. A lot of that seems to depend on people physiology so unfortunately a lot of her evidence is anecdotal. I had one patient that had Blood and urine and it would happen. And i tried to look into that was caused by them and Ended up that it was not caused by him. So that was that was relatively reassuring. Some people seem to have severe withdrawing when they stopped crater and some people seem to be able to stop and have no.

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