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It's not the it does take some so and in six that is that show the fees and and you I'm so sorry that month but I can for so this good show this and you if but I can can Hey Alexis please the one oh four planes you will know FOR on radio dot com my thank do you want to and I'm this jailed in time is show came on on the go the radio dot com after your phone and listen to us anywhere the one oh four are you ready for your breakthrough moment at southern New Hampshire university you can make it happen as a private non profit university as nature's online degree programs are made to fit your goals your budget and your busy life here's how John broke through SNHU into the state I was eight years old and I've always had dreams of being some bigger my breakthrough moment was having that degree from destination you allow me to say okay I'm qualified it gives me the right to with over one hundred online master's degree programs flexible class schedules and some of the lowest online tuition rates in the nation southern New Hampshire university can help you get where you want to go now that I have my degree from as an issue I know exactly where I need to be in as long as you keep pushing yourself it's never too late all my classes start soon visit estimate you dot EDU.

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