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This is the mid east podcast i am your host molly livingstone here in jerusalem and on the show today we are going to have another lady if you can imagine there's going to be two of us so the world might crumble this is shoshana keats jasko maybe better known as a warrior with her pen she has a blog that says so she is a part of i don't know it's a religious women's battle for equality for realizing that were here literally because one of their campaigns is about a racing women that's with whole mutt nasheed shoshana welcome to the show and thank you for making people try to say whole mutt nasheed that just as really evil i you wanna quality second you want to enjoy watching people spend on themselves i the role you're correct at second yes second of all yes let's be honest this is going to be a very honest podcast okay so first of all no one has any idea what that word means they can barely say at the hall that's very very say on ika you can say homa it's just people people say like chanaka on all right they can't even spell hannukah's so really means like literally it means women's wisdom but because that's the cliche we don't actually translate it so you've you've started off with with our weakness which is how do we translate into english what it is that we do so the idea basically behind holman ashamed is that judaism is better when women are heard and we started off by saying judas better when when women are heard because we wanted to put women's voices into the conversation women's experiences women's understanding of judaism right and so what happens though is now we see women not only are we missing from the jewish conversation but we're actually missing from the jewish print world as we say so now it's almost like judas better women are seeing like hello like now we're going really back to the basics which is what you hit on which is like all of a sudden if you open a book i walked into feldheim in jerusalem the other like a few weeks ago and i actually filmed myself i feel myself i feel the film books and i found two books with cartoon women in them too and they weren't even women they were like girls and i think it was just for girls these books like women are literally being taken out of not only the larger jewish conversation when it comes to policy and texts but even text books and cartoon books girls and women are just non existent it's become this like taliban existence and i'm like way what what is going on here and so that's what we've come together to do just to say hey guys this is not healthy this is not working you gotta put women back in the picture literally and figuratively and so until we find a better name for us in english we're going to be all the shame and everyone's going to have to figure it out that's it's tough i don't know i might go with the cliche on that one just because people can't say it but said judaism is better when women are heard that's kind of the opposite of everything ever that i've ever heard you know in terms of women right now in israel fi fight to be heard all the time and i'm not just talking about having equality when it comes.

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