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And unfortunately a lot of people don't see their fullest potential and so they just kind of like settle with half assing when in reality like you actually can have any in this world like you actually can get anything like you built your business. We started working together in march the march april last year. And you build your business to ten k. You also how many people they have working with your business. Now when you're but right now. I have in total. There's six of us. But i have two coaches attritional specialists and than i have a couple of guys. That's an a year that's like a year that's so cool and the impact he gets on your clients. Lives is just like such a rewarding and incredible feeling right. it honestly isn't. It's nice because like doing a competition it forces you to put yourself in the position that you're telling your clients to do so like i tell my clients you know hager map grows like do your cardio but like i was actually forced to also do that because i had to check in with my own coach and so it's easier to you know it's easy to be like you guys like what are you doing. I actually felt the struggle with them. Because i was doing as well. What would you say it was like the biggest thing you learned from doing shows while building business. Gosh the biggest any learned is that like i don't know i feel like he can just do anything. It sounds so cliche but like that. Experience really taught me like i fully wholeheartedly believe that anything that you want in life. You can have like literally in this that competition. That experience taught me. That was like yo. If i can bug in place second at my first show ever and make ten thousand dollars in my first ten weeks like so. Accelerating business excels an athlete. And you know get my relationships on track like you can do anything in so a sense that i just have this mindset..

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