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I. Lakers. This thing called the federal artery you plead out about the two minutes. I mean, I hate to break the folks, but this is not the old west wild Bill hickok was famously quoted as saying the reason he wants so many gunfights is while the other guy is pulling and shooting at him. He took the time to aim the aim exactly and a handgun is not all that easy to hit somebody with. I mean, you have several shootouts where you see them on these cop. Cam shows all the time where people are just topping around left, and right, and nobody gets it. I'm just fascinated by. I mean, you just think okay. Let's let's let's forget cops for a second. Let's let's take well trained military personnel in a combat zone. And they've got people charging an attacking and coming out on from every which direction. And but for the Matic weapons, they'd be dead. This idea that you can somehow hit somebody in the kneecap or somehow the hip, which I find fascinating you're gonna fracture or hill. With Artie, I I'm just fascinated by that. Shoot them in the groin. Also, there's a there's another winning place to shoot somebody by the way, I'm gonna let you go because guess who's back Todd's back. So Todd did you hear me? I'm just asking. If you do me a favor that when you get home I'd like to see the stats upon which you make your contention. Sure, why don't you do me a favor? There's a college student last year, the reshot Riley laying down on the ground. Advocaat Tobin for you know, crawl forward it is unaware of. I'm aware of that case. And I think in that case the cop was charged with murder. Good..

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