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A little bit more for the work i did on this considering that you know i was paid five hundred dollars and so instead of so here's what michael jay here's what michael jackson bit instead of sending him a cheque because i mean michael jackson had more money than god instead of sending vincent price check he he sent over to vincent prices house a lifesize cardboard cutout of him of michael jackson as payment so like vincent price gets the split he's like what what is this what the hell is this she but that was like pie but you know he wrote a little note hey sorry here's here's you can have this he said vincent price a lifesize cardboard cutout of himself of michael jackson so praise this is what price did with it vincent would put it in people would come and visit he would put it at the end of his hallway when he went in his house and he put candles all around it as though what we're trained by objects them and whenever vincent price head visitors he would make people bowed to the tri comms x is house earthly gotti got five hundred dollars he did it in one take you get five hundred dollars and he had of any got a cardboard cutout of michael jackson that's by one of my favorite stories in victoria obviously victoria pairs victoria preference she price does it much better so anyway all right let's see beginnings answer another question jeff and we got in this is for everybody to eat seven seven three area code in the '70s i believe carotene played a wounded civil soldier a civil war soldier hides in a barn involves six sisters of age oh no doubt okay i'm already it's not carotene by the way you know what this is jeff they add a female sisters that age they range in age from like seventy eighteen and a woman who find him they cut off his leg do you.

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