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Gary Barbera, Bucks County, Oxford Valley discussed on KYW 24 Hour News


Your child's fingertips could tell a sad tale coming up right after traffic and weather on the two spots by Gary Barbera three hundred jeep celebration event on the Boulevard Hey Sam Hey Carol for most of his a good drive this morning hitting a big problems in Bucks county this the Langhorne Penn del area route one super highway is detoured is shut down between two ninety five that's old nine ninety five near Oxford valley to business one pen del so over this you're going to use business one through Penn del as the detour here of a bag actually got an idea for those of you coming in from New Jersey MRS fill south on route one and want to get on to the turnpike normally get on a Bensalem here's the idea south on route one get off of route thirteen so thirteen that south they'll take you right into the del Valle Bristol interchange of the turnpike in on the turnpike there so this is just an alternative suggestion for you but again you need to know through Penn del that is your alternate for through on business one closure of route one above business one handle everything else moving along we're looking and fairly good shape south on ninety five when you get there in the center city Schuylkill expressway east and west busy moving along nothing major PA turnpike westbound approaching the county right lane construction eastbound on valley forge rightly in construction the should be out of there any minute in from New Jersey mostly okay including Delaware River bridges mass transit on or close to schedule Barbera's month and celebration held over till nine PM tonight as part of their the best part I guess well the jeep and dodges and rams one ninety.

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