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I mean but yeah route rod stewart and berry mental over kinda like the the standardbearers they also go the same hair i shall we hear all we did little william way it was it was the first of a series of covers albums from the entertainer celebrating various decades and themes mandala was last on top of the list way back in nineteen 77 with barry manilow live menlo followed the 50s album with albums tributing the '60s '70s and '80s 80s was quite a bit less successful than if he's in some seas which i mean it's still me the top twenty is that why he has not yet done the night three should third working as we've back i'm looking forward very mamello covering little receiver so he cover he did albums for the '60s '70s and '80s and a greatest love songs of all time sat on and all those reached the top twenty on the 80s one reached the top twenty the other two 60s 70s actually reach the top ten as well i just think it's because his core audience probably was a lot less familiar with eighty yes yeah and they really wanted that kind of nostalgia probably the 50s which i mean that makes sense yeah but but ever his most recent album actually was this is my town songs of new york which at number twelve just last year now he's doing a city toured well white is going back there you have it back in two thousand six barry manilow got his second number one album in his most recent under one album on the billboard 200 with the greatest songs of the 50s.

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