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Be some common ground and be they have to love especially if you have children or if she had children you have to love the people and things that they love so we both have children yes wasn't the issue is the fact that i you know being a good responsible father when it was my time to have children i you know it was them and only then on the weekends i did have them and i did try to do things in kedah terrorists well but as a result you know you only get one shot at a doctor welcome my my my kids are going up fast so you know i i did want to try to spend as most time as much time as i could with them and i still continue to richard so proud of you that you said that i'm so proud that you understand that we have the children they don't have us it's our obligation to love nurture you know to raise them up so they could fly and not for them to fly around us being the sun they need to grow their own world so here's my his here's my my my my observation for you you sound like a great guy that needs to now say you know what i deserve new life and as much as you love her and as many things i'm sure you do there are some people who are not monogamous and never will be it's not in their nature it doesn't make them bad people doesn't but they should be honest about it with themselves and with their partners if you're not monogamous than find someone who that's okay with but richard it's been a year you're fairly young man it sounds like you're somewhere in the late thirties early forties tell a little bit by by by your voice you're the you're the person who should come in and i should do a little bit of work and get your brain to say you know what that was an amazing learning lesson keep all the wonderful things that you experienced and all the love that you have but now it's time for richard to be loved and nurtured because you're giving a lot to your kids we have to make sure you're getting something may i may i respectfully touch on one last thing dr.

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