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One of my emails like thanks john this is cool email or this is a cool episode i'd say rob can we want a quick call i reply with that just a five minute call have a couple of questions i just want to say thank you in person for your kind response and you know i just have a couple of questions for you that could really help me out and you know some people say i don't really feel comfortable with that because they might be nervous but then some people will say hey yeah sure here's my number or here's my skype ide or whatever it might be what let let's do this job on call with them and you ask them a few questions in one of the questions you ask them always when you when you're on the call with them one on one is how'd you find out about me like how'd you hear about my show because then rob you can really such realize how people that are engaging with your content so these are your best in most worthy invaluable listeners like how early finding out about your show people that are actually responding and engaging at least on on a service level at first via email social media how are they finding out about your show so you can start to see the themes when you start having a few of these conversations about how most people are actually finding out about your show for the first time and there's gonna be some really interesting stories there as you can really start focusing in on one or two of these nations that are just setting you all this traffic and these these great listeners the you'd never would have even known about her thought about if you hadn't had these conversations and then you're going to be at a really poor some of that igniter fluid on those areas to really kind of make that even a better way to get inbound traffic and the number two you're gonna ask them.

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