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To coast to coast, George Noory with you. We are joined by Len Casten had joined the US airforce aviation cadet program after graduating from Cornell University in while in the air force. He experienced the encounter that had a profound effect on his life, but it came years later, while working in Washington DC in the sixties, he felt drawn to join the national investigations committee on aerial phenomena, that was nycacc headed up by major Donald ki-ho at the time. Nightcap was the most prestigious organization in the country at the time investigating you affords Len. Welcome back to the program. We did George always a pleasure. I joined nightcap to when I was a kid. I got my little certificate card and everything else. But God I loved it. Keio did a great job. And he was the head of it also. That's right. Exactly. That's a good point. How have you been? And you pretty writing this new book coming out next year dark fleet. I know I've been working on it for about a year. Looking forward to that. But we're we might as well book for next year already to get you back. Much. Tell us a little bit. Let's go back a little bit and talk about planets, because that has a lot to do with what we're going to talk about tonight. What was that program? Absolutely. It was a it was an interesting. It was an interesting event. And you know, you've had Bill Ryan on your show avenue. Yes. We sure have. Yeah. Bill knows a lot about Serpa also and also carry Cassidy. It really happened. It actually happened and it was kept under the under rep for a long time. And finally, emerged, thanks to the DIA. They had a lot to do with it. It was a program of what transferring that can was a back and forth, transferring program. No, we said twelve Americans on, on an alien spaceship to that to that planet in nineteen sixty five did they come back. They stayed there for thirteen years. Gosh, reminds me of the ending of that close encounters of the third kind movie. Remember that scene. The movie was about that, actually. Left only seven came back. Five. Trade them died in two to decide to remain there. Really? Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. I'm not sure. What's that was that was a question? I asked at contact in the desert this weekend. If you would go on an ET craft one way in not come back in half of the panelist said they not go the other half said they would. I'm not. Say that advance that would intend to stay there. That's surprises because that's likely to go to a fine planet. One hadn't even seen in wanna stay. But after being there for thirteen years, they decided they liked it. They're two of them tuned in. We're was this planet, what system was then and data? About thirty nine light years from our sun, our solar system. Isn't that the same planetary system that we think the Barney, and Betty hill case might have originated from? Many. Many planets around that particular son actually actually it's a binary son. Two two sons there in the day ridiculous system. That's, that's the reason that our people never had any darkest there, because there was always one son in the sky. So is always right there were there close encounters came out late. Seventies, I think. Close encounters came out in, I think it was a seventy seventy seven okay. In do you think they fed Spielberg, some of this information? Absolutely. No question whatsoever. He wrote the screenplay in one weekend at the Sherry Netherlands, hotel in New York City, he could not possibly have done that, if he didn't have wasn't being fed the information, and he was getting the information from the DIA. Did they give him the information because it wanted to start leaking this out or or what happened? Belong in the public that the public had a right to know this, because it was an important story. And so the DIA people who released it wanted it known and this was the best way they could do. It was through Spielberg. He just made a tremendous hit with jaws rate was the right guy for it any. Hey did a great job, a great movie and people still talking about it today? As a matter of fact. The twelve twelve people lined up ten minutes to women lined up, in orange jumpsuit in with moving with their sunglasses on and everything else, your strong sunglasses because they knew in advance that the sun was very bright on several. Special and Spielberg brought that out. Len with it was an amazing program. Both the movie and probably the project circle has the project ended or is it ongoing? No, it did not end we wish how to relation diplomatic relationship with those with that civilization. And there were several other visits back and forth after that. And in the case of one visit which took place at an island in the Pacific. We invited other other countries to attend invited China invited Russia. We invited the Vatican. The craft that was used to get us back there. Of course, have we ever reversed engineered it? Well, we did yes, we did reverse engineer that craft. And as fact that was that was the so called. Nineteen sixty four craft and landed in northern New Mexico. Lonnie's Maura was right. One in Sikora. That was the one that was the one that was the one that landed at the wrong place. They landed Nisa Koro instead of home force base. But then they got finally got a message, and they went back to Holloman and they stayed in orbit, while the other one landed was actually sent to craft here. It was that case, the lonnie's Amora case that conveys j Allen Hynek that maybe this is really happening. Hi, Nick was the one that said it was the most convincing case on record. Exactly. Exactly. It changed his whole view. It did. Exactly. And because it was a huge egg-shaped craft sitting on the ground on legs, and too small. Creatures standing in front of it in white uniforms. And when they realized that they were being observed, they jumped in and took off, they went for while I always thought that, that case might have been in experiment with the lunar Lander that they have out there somewhere because it kind of sounded like it. But it but the more I got into it lend the more I realize now. Morrisseau something from out of this world. That incident occurred on April twenty four nineteen sixty four which was the exact date that the aliens had told us they would be coming. That's that's coincided. It was apps. Absolutely right. On target Lynn. What kind of propulsion system did they have? And do they have? Well, they had anti-matter technology. We know that. But they also knew how to travel through wormholes and they took the only took ten months from one to the point end to the other. So it must have been true. It must have been through a wormhole where travelers actually instantaneous, but navigating to and from the entrances to the wormholes, take some time, and that's probably how they how they chewed up the other ten nine months. I mean, once you go through a wormhole bending space and time where one end and another end basically touch each other, and you're right. It is instantaneous. Once they do that. Exactly. And we've now learned we've now learned that the, the so-called wormholes are really part of a much larger web at permeates. The, the whole solar system. It's like a spider's web. And once you get into the web, then you're you go to a Stargate and you're traveled instantaneous, when, when you wrote the book secret journey to planet surp- home, which was back in two thousand thirteen I think, how did you come across the story? How did how did this come to you? Well, I spent two hours in a in a shuttle craft with Bill. Ryan. Witness. And he talked about the whole the whole trip now when he when he was talking about it. I mean, did you say Bill? This is way out. Come on now. He wasn't talking directly to me. He was talking to somebody else. And I was I was listening to it. It's a small small cab. Sure. And he dominated the conversation. I said it was it was a level of conviction. That convinced me because he definitely he definitely believed it, and it made sense to me, and I started doing the research, right after that trip and he had too much detail to just simply make this up. Exactly. And not only that. But once you go to the website. That was put out there by the DIA much information that it's mind boggling, fourteen thousand words in the web on website. Which was created by Bill created the website. That's where all the information come from in somehow Carl Sagan, who wrote the book contact was a great astronomer on his own. He was somehow consulted about this, tell me about that. Yes, he was consulted. Yeah. They, they consulted him because they needed more information about these astronomy all the astronaut details. And he he provided the information, but he could never admit to it because he was too, too much involved with history program at Cornell, and he didn't wanna lose his position by making these making touch nutty claim same, same university. You went to yes. Yes, he went to Cornell. He was the head of the department there, and he was brilliant, brilliant. But the whole thing was said. The people who wrote who wrote the website needed his needed his input and. But he wrote he never nevertheless. He did write about it in fiction in fictional form. He wrote the book contact. That's right. So that was really his way of releasing the what he knew about the information what he knew about situation because publicly he would always talk about extraterrestrial life out there. But he never admitted publicly that they were here. He kept that tune. Really? He has a head of the department league university. He probably would have lost his job. Yeah. That's true. It he took the wiser course. And nevertheless, he's still become an immortal guys he's really missing his own right now. The agency that ran the department was created for this Defense Intelligence Agency was was that. Was created by president Kennedy nineteen sixty two. Okay. He and McNamara. Secretary of defense, they had troubles with CIA, as, you know, is everybody knows and Kennedy threatened to break it up into a thousand pieces. I think you know that, right. That part of the reason why he was done in. Yes. Yes, probably. But that's what motivated him to start the DIA, which was a.

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