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Was it? I forgot when I predict Norlin saints win the Super Bowl, and they carrying that one over to this year because I think what I was predicting how will they would be playing in become season. That's not that that led up to the play offs that it turns me nineteen that sort of throwing a prediction into the recap but in twenty Mateen via New Orleans Saints. Saints sports ball team would win the Super Bowl and it'll come down to the ninth inning. Well, you growing you're going there for a specific prediction. All right. You've done it before. Maybe you can do it. Again crew knows who knows. So those all your predictions that did and did not untrue last year and last year. Yes. Okay. And Blair what were yours from last year? Yes. Mine. I like to be kind of silly with my British since I didn't do so great. So I was that sperm would be the new time release capsule which will begin clinical trials for cancer treatment in twenty seventeen. We saw a bunch of stories about prove concept, but nobody can have. Nobody. Shot the trigger on that one. Did not happen. This year. Stay tuned on that. I also predicted. We will discover a new kind of cephalopod while we discovered a lot of species particularly in that Cal academy of sciences bout of new species. None of them were Suffolk pot, sadly miles all here. Not a single suffer pod. I know lots of C slugs, but no simple. I also predicted that tardy grades will be discovered in space proving them to be the original alien not yet, God even revenge only 'cause high needs to have the Capac. Our predictions. Be correct. Yeah. Those the gear late. So I also predicted that coffee will be proven to be good for you than bad for you than good for you again. I kinda did get this one. Right. But in a funny way, so in twenty eight teen we discovered that coffee helps people work together better. We also found that coffee helps reduce risk of.

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