Assam, John Lennon discussed on That Awful Sound - 114 - Danger Cracker (Hoobastank - The Reason)


Well you're daddy's one sick farc beautiful daddy as he beautiful he's got a beautiful boy um talking about himself in a third person i believe makes sense was that just like a cut line from assam beautiful boy by john lennon it was a cut it was it was a an early version of u two's beautiful day oh damn got it there is so beautiful ball and don't let him slip away is a beautiful border next comment nobody here even talked about the side they just put 2017 for lakes or sonic forces says meanwhile we have a beautiful son playing off top says tv tsr twenty three what a wholesome comment debates i have a related comment what the fuck everyone's talking about the video and not paying any attention to the lyrics this is a very good song in all you people can think about is the fucked up video says disturbed man eighty seven and two thousand nine and in the reply is i agree with you it's about the lyrics not the video says sublime dude 1992 i'm glad that disturbed man is obliged dude found each other a very happy bubble with their birth dates after.

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