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For residents and underserved communities and vulnerable populations. We can find some ways to creative ways to be able to help in these communities get to and from those vaccination sites will be going a long way to addressing what is one of the most challenging barriers that we face. Chris Pharma, WBC Boston's NewsRadio older Americans were getting vaccines. First responders and health providers have already got one now. Pushes on to get some essential workers the vaccine as soon as possible New calls today for grocery store workers to get expedited Corona virus vaccine access along with hazard pay The United Food and Commercial Workers Union says workers continue to face exposure to the virus. The nation's largest grocery worker union says that covert 19 is to blame for at least 400 food worker death. That is. CBS is Diane King Hall, the FBI sending a notification to utility operators and law enforcement agencies around the country. Nearly a week after a hacker tried to remotely tamper with water supply and Oldsmar, Florida Federal investigators think the hackers exploited poor passwords security at an outdated Windows seven operating system to slip into the old smart water department computer. Prevent against his former FBI agent Randy Apartment might be a simple as choosing a better password or using two factor authentication. Cyber security specialist Alex Hammer. Stone thinks some good might come out of the Oldsmar incident. We certainly hope that you know, a near miss will lead to the kind of changes and systems and programs to prevent this Jim Ryan ABC News, the third anniversary of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting massacre in Florida is this Sunday. Mark the day the father of one of the victims is designing a mural to honor victims in Parkland, Florida and, well, Oliver continuing fighting to reduce gun violence and says he owes it to his son. I am a father and I'm still a father. Okay? Nothing has changed in terms of things that I need to do. At the father, 17 Year Old's Joaquin Oliver was one of 17 people killed in that shooting. Massachusetts has the lowest gun rate two deaths in the country. Data from the CDC is National Center for injury prevention and control show. The states with the lowest rates of overall gun deaths are those with strong gun violence, prevention laws and low rates have gone ownership, according to the numbers. Massachusetts was followed by New York, New Jersey, Hawaii and Rhode Island. Analysis of numbers by the Violence Policy Center refers to overall gun death rates in 2019, which is the most recent year for which that is available to state with the highest gun death rate in 2019 was Alaska. 4 50. This is music to the years of European archaeologists. They've identified the oldest known wind instrument of its type, and yes, it's still works. Punk shell was found in a cave in southern France Eight decades ago. It lay forgotten in a French museum until a recent inventory revealed carefully drilled holes designed to create three distinct musical notes. Ready to hear them sounding out for the first time in 17,000 years. Vicki Barker, CBS NEWS, London, Let's Go. The African tell you which way to go. Turn left, then turn right, well kind of downtown with a big pothole. WBZ news radio could help you avoid car eating potholes. It looks like that pothole is taking out another couple vehicle traffic on the three Now we're still looking for the possible life thinking only and WBZ. Boston's news radio The following is a commercial announcement. It's the money minute. I'm Joni Siani with Paul in Larry Welch in this week. We've been talking about a state documents we mentioned a will. What should we know about trusts while Joanie Revokable living trust you want to talk to an attorney about and that can be very Unofficial tow. Avoid probate, which is time and money. It can also provide distribution rules. If you don't want to say your Children to get all the money at once, they can get so much that certain ages. It also keep assets in the bloodline. Make sure your ass let's go to your Children and your grandchildren. Another benefit of Revokable trust can be to avoid or eliminate estate taxes in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. You have a million dollar estate tax credit, but with husband and wife you can double that to $2 million in by using advanced estate planning with Revokable Trust. That's a strategy that you can accomplish that. Yes, Interesting. All right. There's the money minute. Join us every Saturday here on WBZ or call 1 809 089334. This is Dan Ray. Having a home equity line of credit from Century bank is having peace of mind. Why? Because your home equity line of credit from Century bank will be there when you need it like when the roof leaks, So the pipes burst and at an intro of 2.75%.

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